Under the Feet of Giants

I just don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to truly enjoy rock & roll.  Whether it's the music, or it's me, or it's the culture I've been brought up in I don't know, but to me rock & roll (and I'm using that phrase to refer explicitly to the Elvis Presley / Chuck Berry / Little Richard / Jerry Lee Lewis / Buddy Holly axis and not anything later) is largely wallpaper music, a soundtrack to any TV show or movie scene that wants to tell you it's the '50s or early '60s without labouring the point (like Holly's own "Heartbeat" when sang by Nick Berry and used as the theme tune to, erm, Heartbeat).  In any other context, it has been thoroughly defeated by the times - it laid the groundwork for other genres to expand on and then saw itself battered into irrelevance by them when they came along.  And not in a particularly good way, either; some country and jazz sounds weather-beaten to me, its age becoming a virtue as it offers a tantalizing glimpse of a time long before mine, but rock & roll just sounds old.  It's the difference between the continuing appeal of Mount Rushmore itself, and a newspaper one of the builders was reading while working on it.

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